Raiders Community Clubs

This is a new initiative that we will be starting this year. Our aim is to establish 6 new Raiders branded Satellite Clubs around the area. Each club will be referred to as a Raiders team - for example, Torpoint Raiders, Devonport Raiders etc. The location of the clubs is dependent on having suitable facilities available.

Although the target is to open 6 new clubs, we realistically need around 10 or 11 clubs running. To date, we are working with the following groups:

  • Torpoint
  • Truro
  • Bodmin
  • St Austell
  • Plympton
  • Devonport
  • Plymouth Male Adult Pay an Play
  • Plymouth Female Adult Pay and Play
  • Westlands School
  • Paignton Community and Sports Academy

These clubs would each incorporate Under 11s, Under 14s, Under 16s, Under 18s and Under 23s. Our aim in the next 2 years is to recruit 800 people to these clubs, who arent currently playing basketball. We will work with partners, the Police, local Youth Services etc to primarily attract children to these clubs who are traditionally termed as “Hard to Reach”. We will also promote the clubs to children in each of the areas - through primary and secondary schools, local shops, local magazines, and via the City Council.

Each of the clubs will be run initially by the Plymouth Raiders, but we will recruit volunteer helpers who will take over the running of these clubs in the future. We want the clubs to be self financing and fully sustainable within 2 years. We have the support of Active Devon and Cornwall Sports Partnership with upskilling these people with the necessary skills to run a sports team.

We have attracted a small amount of funding to help with the setting up of these clubs, but this funding can only be used towards the costs incurred for the Under 16, Under 18 and Under 23 clubs. We do not have any funding for the Under 11s and Under 14s at all.

We will use Raiders’ Comnunity Coaches to set up and run the clubs for the first two years at least, and the Raiders’ professional players will visit the clubs regularly to inspire and motivate the attendees. Each club member will automatically become a member of the Raiders club. They will also be given a Raiders’ T shirt.

The goal of these clubs is to get more young people playing sport, but particularly basketball. We want to improve the overall health of the young people involved, get them off the streets and engage them in fun, healthy activity. If we can keep them involved in the sport of basketball, even better!

The clubs will be mixed in the younger ages. If there is enough demand for girls only sessions, we will happily provide these as well. We realise there are a number of barriers to getting girls involved and keeping them involved in sport, and we will do whatever is required to attract girls of all ages and keep them in the clubs.