Literacy and Numeracy

We were asked countless times by schools, if there was any way that the Raiders professional players could help pupils (particularly boys at primary schools) who were struggling with numeracy and literacy skills. The solution - devise our own Numeracy and Literacy workbook, in association with a local educational consultant and former head teacher, and use the Raiders players as positive role models in the classroom to deliver the scheme. It worked amazingly well, and the feedback on the scheme has been overwhelming. We are now looking for sponsors for this scheme to continue the excellent work from September 2014.

The book and scheme has received some fantastic feedback, not least a cross party group of Westminster MPs, who singled the scheme out as one of the best examples of a professional sports team getting involved in its local community and making a huge impact.

Players work in schools with small groups of pupils selected by the schools, for 10 weeks on Numeracy and 10 weeks on Literacy.

We work on delivering curriculum skills in a more interactive, engaging and easy to understand manner, using the Raiders and basketball to teach and develop the skills of the pupils. It’s a very innovative way of doing things, and has had some amazing impacts and results.