The Plymouth Raiders Foundation

The Foundation is a Community Interest Company (CIC), run independently of the Raiders professional team. It was set up with the aim of benefitting the education, health and well being of the young people in Plymouth, and the wider counties of Devon & Cornwall. It especially promotes social inclusion through the medium of sport and physical activity (in particular, basketball).

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Foundation Programmes

Hoops 4 Health

This is our flagship scheme, and centres around promoting the importance of healthy diet and phyiscal activity along with the harm that smoking and substance abuse can have on a person’s life. It is delivered by the Raiders’ professional players to primary schools around the region, focusing on Years 5 and 6. Along with a fun, engaging and practical roadshow delivered by the Raiders players, each school is also given free basketball coaching and an invite to participate in a tournament to determine the winner for the area. We are looking for sponsors to help us deliver this scheme to Plymouth’s primary schools from September.

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Healthy Living Roadshows

We have been exceptionally fortunate to have been awarded a Healthy Heart Grant from Heart Research UK and Subway to visit 9 secondary schools in Devon and Cornwall to deliver healthy living roadshows and basketball coaching sessions. 

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Numeracy & Literacy

We were asked countless times by schools, if there was any way that the Raiders professional players could help pupils who were struggling with numeracy and literacy skills. The solution - devise our own Numeracy and Literacy workbook, in association with a local educational consultant and former head teacher, and use the Raiders players as positive role models in the classroom to deliver the scheme. It worked amazingly well, and the feedback on the scheme has been overwhelming. We are now looking for sponsors for this scheme to continue the excellent work from September 2014.

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NYCT Healthy Hoops and Crealy Allstars

September 2015 will see the start of the Crealy Allstar League, funded by Crealy and the North Yard Community Trust. This is a new initiative designed to get more young people playing basketball, and help improve the health of the city’s youth as a whole. The scheme will see after school clubs in primary schools throughout the City, from which teams will be selected. These teams will play at monthly tournaments, and a league system will be created with promotion and relegation each year. We are looking for sponsors to support this league from September.

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Another very popular scheme in schools, where the Raiders professional players will work in a primary school classroom for one hour. This is then followed by the “reward” of the pupils receiveing an hour’s basketball coaching from the player immediately after. Again, the players are used as positive role models for children who may be struggling with particular areas of education or the curriculum. This has been so popular, it has attracted significant media exposure. It was featured on Sky Sports, and has been featured on both BBC Spotlight and ITV Westcountry news programmes.

Schools Basketball Coaching

As well as the various schemes above, we also deliver basketball coaching to children in schools as well as community groups, across Devon and Cornwall. We use the Raiders’ professional players and our own community coaches to inspire young people to take up the sport of basketball - which incidentally is the 2nd most played sport in school in the UK (according to Sport England Active People Survey).

Learning Disabilities Basketball

We are the first professional basketball club in the country to run regular sessions for people with Learning Disabilities. This was funded by the Basketball Foundation and Mencap, and will result in a Tournament between the four clubs that we have created – Plymouth, Exeter, North Devon and Truro. We are currently looking for funding to ensure the sustainability of these clubs.